As you know, iCloud is the main account you have to create when you first switched on your brand new iPhone. And that is the account where your personal data been stored so that’s why it is important for you. But once you forgot or misplaced your login details, you are in serious trouble. Therefore people are not able to log into their iCloud account. And for those who are looking for a good iCloud Unlock tool. It is the best solution for all the iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch users. And also we recommend iCloud Unlock Activation software to download on every brand new or used iDevice because it is very useful in such situations.

iCloud Lock – What Does It Mean?

The Apple Company is always considering the security protection of their products. That’s why they have introduced “iCloud Activation Lock” feature to “Find My iPhone” for all the iDevices. if your iPhone being stolen or misplaced, this feature is capable of activating iCloud lock through Find My iPhone option. This is a great feature because every user has the ability to protect their personal data from being misused by others.

Since this iCloud Lock feature released, there is a problem that usually occurs most of the iPhone users. There are people who buys used iPhones from the secondhand market. So the devices are already used by someone and most of the time, the previous owners forget to remove their iCloud accounts. As a result, the new owners won’t be able to get the access to the iDevice because it is being automatically activated the iCloud lock. So until it removes the username and password from the previous iCloud account, you can’t operate the iDevice.

What is iCloud Unlock?

Are you looking for any software application or an online tool that helps you to unlock your locked iCloud account? If so, we have the best product for you which is iCloud Unlock Activation. The iCloud usually get locked due to some reasons such as forgetting the login details, misplacing the login details that you have kept if you have noted them and mostly this happens when you buy an iDevice from the second hand market. The username and the password is necessary when login into your iCloud account. But what if you don’t have them? This is where you start looking for software tools on the internet. So basically, iCloud Unlock Activation is a very good software which is capable of unlocking your iCloud account within few steps. There are many advantages of having this amazing software in your iPhone. So read through the content and find more valuable information about iCloud Unlock software and how to use it to complete many tasks on your iDevice.

Compatible Devices


iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 4, iPad 3


iPhone XS/ iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8/ iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S/ iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5S/ iPhone 5C, iPhone 4S

Apple Watch

Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4

iCloud Unlock Activation for latest iPhones – iPhone XR, iPhone XS and XS Max

We believe now you have a great knowledge so far about iCloud Unlock software by reading this content. And you may know the importance of having this tool on your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch device whether it is brand new or even used. So we are always considering to update our software to the latest devices. As you know iCloud Unlock Activation supports iPhone X and recently the Apple Inc. launched their latest products to the market which are named as iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. So now the question you may have is, will the iCloud Unlock product supports the new iPhone collection? Yes of course. There’s no need to worry if you are using a brand new iPhone version because our software is compatible with the latest iPhone XR/ XS/ XS Max products. And we recommend you to download our software right now so you won’t get into trouble when your iCloud account got locked down. You don’t need any special guidance in order to unlock iCloud on these new iPhone products. Just follow the basic steps that you always go through.

How iCloud Unlock Activation Works?

Here is a summary of how iCloud unlock works on your device and below we have described in details how to use it. So once you download our software and connect the iDevice to it, you will be able to remove the iCloud account which was being locked. And to do that, follow the guideline properly and you will be able to do the iCloud Unlock Activation procedure successfully with its amazing features. Again we want to let you know that there are multiple software applications available in the market as iCloud unlock tools but most of them are really fake. They only wants to earn money by giving low quality services but we make sure that our product is the best that gives you a genuine service for an affordable prices.

How To Use iCloud Unlock Activation?

You may already using our software or else, you might be new to iCloud Unlock Activation. So here is a step by step guideline on how to use this software on your device. Read and follow them correctly and experience the best of it.

  • First of all what you need to do is download the software from our website and properly install it on your Windows/ Mac device (it is not advanced, anyone can do it without any problem)
  • Now connect the iDevice to the PC that need to be performed the iCloud unlock process
  • Once you open the software, it will automatically activate the sync mode and it will collect the information from your iDevice that requires
  • Then iCloud Unlock Activation tool will make a backup of your device data and then it will remove all the data from your device including iCloud logins
  • After that it will rest your iPhone
  • Now restart your device and you will be seen the device just like you bought a brand new one
  • Finally go through the process and then restore your device with the help of iCloud Unlock Activation
  • This is all you have to do. Once you completed all these steps correctly, you can get rid of the biggest problem you had with your iPhone

Why iCloud Unlock Activation?

You may ask why we recommend iCloud Unlock Activation software for you. There are some important things that you must know about this software that any other software couldn’t do. It has been created not just only to unlock iCloud, but also to give you the best experience on removing iCloud account in the fastest, easiest and the best way possible. Here are the main features of iCloud Unlock software

  • User-friendly Experience

The amazing iCloud Unlock Activation software has a very user-friendly interface that makes the iCloud unlocking process much easier for all the Apple users. That’s not all, using this software will make you realize how fast it works on your device compares to other iCloud unlock software tools.

  • Syncing iDevice

Once you download and install this tool on your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch device, and start iCloud Unlock Activation procedure it will be connected to your device. So what it does is sync your device to collect important data about your iDevice just to help you in further tasks.

  • Backup and remove

As you know, in order to unlock the iCloud account you must remove the previous login details to get the access to your iPhone again. And also the process will erase all the data in your device so what if you need them? iCloud Unlock Activation helps you to protect your data from being erased. Yes, this software will create a backup so whenever you need, you can restore them. And then it will erase all the data files from your iDevice

  • Safe Process

The main thing that people will look for is the security protection. Every user has their personal data being stored in their mobile devices. Same thing applies to iPhone users too. There’s no need to be worried about the security concern because iCloud Unlock Activation is one of the best software tools available for iCloud unlock.

iCloud Unlock

iCloud Unlock Activation Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can I jailbreak an iCloud locked device?

It is not possible according to our knowledge. First of all you must unlock the iCloud by using a proper iCloud Unlock software tool. After getting the access to the device you can re-install the Jailbreak app in order to jailbreak the iPhone. You just cannot jailbreak the device before being iCloud Unlocked.

2.What is Activation Lock?

Every iPhone has a special feature in “Find My iPhone” and that is Activation Lock. The designers of Apple Company has specially designed this amazing feature in order to avoid other people from using your iDevice. If by chance your device lost, you can activate the Find My iPhone so it will automatically turn on the Activation Lock on your iPhone.

3.Is there any special procedure to follow to iCloud unlock?

No. our software tool is very user-friendly and anyone can easily unlock their iDevices with this tool. The unlocking process is very easy.

4.What are the compatible devices of iCloud unlock activation?

It is compatible with all the iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch devices and above versions of Mac OS Sierra as well as Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 versions.


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